15. The Sir Bryn Terfel Foundation Award For Promoting The Arts In Social Care Award

Music is hospitals is a nationwide charity established in 1948, which today arranges around 5,000 live music concerts each year throughout the UK. Despite the name, concerts take place in hospices, care and residential homes, special schools and day centres, as well as in hospital wards and clinics.

The charity provides musical entertainment pretty much anywhere in Wales, and in pretty much any style of music – from classical and opera to folk and singalong sessions. Musicians are carefully selected at audition, not only for their musical excellence, but also for their ability to empathise with audiences of sick, elderly or disabled people. A significant number are Welsh-speaking.

The charities approach is summed up by its strap line ‘creating joy through live music’. Of course there are therapeutic benefits from their live music concerts; but mainly they seek simply to cheer people up.

The Bryn Terfel Foundation
the Bryn Terfel Foundation was established in 2009 and awards individual young artists with clear talent and outstanding focus, drive and initiative. The Foundation was created to award individuals financially for their hard work and dedication at the beginning for their careers. It is a small step to helping them to a successful signing career.

Principles of the Foundation:

  1. The Foundation is not aligned with any individuals or organisations, the entire force of its work is to recognize and support young people from the UK on the threshold of their career or who have already begun a professional career.
  2. The Foundation will be looking for individual young artists not only with talent but with outstanding focus, drive and initative.
  3. The Foundation will offer funding for specific and agreed use as discussed with each recipient. Exceptional individuals may receive the Foundation’s support on more than one occasion; this would be achieved by results and commitment.
  4. The Foundation will seek to finance educational programs and work in progress.

Sponsored by Pendine Arts and Community Trust

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