10. Excellence in Palliative & End of Life Care

The individual nominated for the award may be a strategic worker, who:

  • ensures staff are skilled and working to ensure good end of life palliative care in available in their setting.
  • is aware of The Palliative and End of Life Delivery Plan and be able to discuss the way their organisation manages good quality palliative and end of life care
  • is skilled at multi professional working
  • may be a specialist i.e. paediatrics, pain control, older people
  • will have examples of excellence in own practice, and
  • in influencing / instigating best practice in the work of others

The nominee may also be a care worker who has demonstrated he or she:

  • uses a holistic approach
  • has the knowledge and practices to maintain e.g. pain control, dignity, and a peaceful death
  • is able to provide examples of evidence based practice and,
  • is able to reflect on the way they have used their skills and knowledge to support the individual and those close to them throughout this time.

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