8. Supported Living or Small Group Community Living Care Practitioner Award

There are two award categories, one for Care Practitioners (Award No.16) working in traditional Residential Care Homes and one for practitioners working in the community in a variety of settings (Awards No.9) such as Domiciliary / home care, support for carers, extra care or reablement programmes.

Individuals nominated for this award:

  • should be working as ‘hands on’ supporting individuals living in their own homes or in residential care homes
  • will continually demonstrate they work within the criteria laid down in the Care Council for Wales Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers
  • will support individuals using services to take as much control over their day to day life decisions as they are able or willing to do
  • will support individuals to maintain or regain life skills, always respecting the uniqueness of everyone, maintaining dignity and promoting choice and independence
  • will recognise the importance of the Key People in individuals’ lives, encourage community links and work effectively as a team member to support individuals to enjoy a good quality of life
  • will be qualified practitioners, keep themselves up-dated and act as a role model for their peers.

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